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In 2010, like many immigrants, I arrived in the UK with grand aspirations and a heart full of dreams. Despite the challenges that awaited me, I found myself securing a job as a cleaner in Davids Lloyds Gym soon after. However, my journey was far from easy.

In Poland, I had completed my secondary education with GCSE and A-Level qualifications, but the dream of further studies remained out of reach due to financial constraints. Moreover, my struggles weighed heavily on me, particularly my mother's battle with alcoholism which began when I was just 16 years old.

Yet, in the face of adversity, I refused to be held back by my circumstances. Balancing my school, my work, and the tumultuous environment at home to which I was coming back about 9 pm after school and work, I made sacrifices and poured every ounce of my energy into self-improvement. While others might have faltered, I persisted, dedicating myself to psychological literature and self-help seminars Luckily have some friends to look after me too.

My time at Community Secondary School instilled in me a passion for social sciences and psychology, leading to certifications as a Certified Children, Youth, and Family Social Worker (C-CYFSW). Despite the challenges, I engaged in various activities and societies, honing skills in counselling, interpersonal communication, and stress management, among others. It's becoming my passion, making me able to help others survive.

My journey was not just about acquiring qualifications; it was about overcoming obstacles and forging a path toward a better future. With determination and perseverance, I evaluated factors influencing individual development and immersed myself in practical courses aimed at addressing societal challenges.

Today, armed with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of human behaviour, I offer expertise in life transitions, relationship counselling, family therapy, and more. My journey from a struggling immigrant to a skilled professional is a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering pursuit of one's dreams! That's started in 2006 - 2010 Let's jump into the 2012

a woman in a black dress standing in front of a window
a woman in a black dress standing in front of a window

My First Qualifications in the UK

ESOL Course - 2012 - 2019

Level 1 & Level 2

Arriving in the UK with grand aspirations in 2010, I faced the initial hurdle of language barriers, struggling to keep pace with the rapid English dialogue. However, within just a year, I eagerly immersed myself in language learning, enrolling in a local college despite the challenges of balancing studies with the demands of parenthood. With my son only six months old when I embarked on this journey, every day presented a new set of obstacles to overcome.

Juggling coursework with the responsibilities of parenthood proved to be a Herculean task, particularly navigating the logistical maze of nursery drop-offs and pickups alongside my health concerns. Battling frequent hospital visits due to persistent skin issues, compounded by the stress of managing household duties while my partner grappled with alcohol dependency, left me sleep-deprived and financially strained.

Despite these formidable challenges, I persisted, obtaining my qualifications one painstaking step at a time over eight years, from 2012 to 2020. Each accomplishment was hard-won, a testament to my unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Moreover, I faced the additional challenge of not having anyone to look after my son during his nursery days off. Even during those times, I had to bring him along to my school, posing a real challenge when it came to passing exams. Fortunately, I encountered the kindness of a few teachers who went above and beyond, looking after him in the school corridor, allowing me to focus on my studies. Their generosity and support were invaluable during those trying times, reaffirming my belief in the goodness of humanity - and Angel's on earth.

a large building with a large screen on the outside
a large building with a large screen on the outside
a certificate certificate for a certificate for a certificate
a certificate certificate for a certificate for a certificate

I Landed in Woman's Refuge

  • 4 hours away with 300£ in my pocket

  • Me, 12 Women and 27 kids at home

  • For 1 year and 10 months

My journey took an unexpected turn as I summoned the courage to break free from the grip of my intoxicated partner. Despite clinging to the hope of salvaging our relationship for the sake of our child, our efforts were futile. We sought solace in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, desperately hoping for a change. Yet, after enduring the turmoil of eviction twice, I realised that our tumultuous bond was beyond repair.

Without any safety net, I found refuge in a women's shelter, just four hours away from the life I once knew. It was there, amidst uncertainty and fear, alongside 12 English-speaking women with 1 to 4 children each, that I sought solace. Each family had one room in this large house. I stayed there the longest, almost 2 years, while others stayed for 1-2 months before new individuals arrived to take their place. That a new chapter unfolded in 2014 with no friends, no family and wishing myself good luck whatever had to happen to me. There was no way back to Poland as there was no space for me and my son - clearly said by Mother during secondary school time, before I had even been pregnant for the first time. She wished me to be homeless if I ever became pregnant.

In 2015 in just two short months, I defied the odds by securing employment, determined to carve out a path of independence and self-reliance. Fuelled by resilience and a relentless pursuit of a better future, I eagerly returned to the classroom (to also meet more Angeles on earth which was looking after me and my child), eager to continue my education despite the daunting challenges that lay ahead.

Discrimination... from being kicked to get wings

Unfortunately, my journey encountered another roadblock when I began working at a local shop in my new town. Despite starting anew, the transition was marred by a change in management after 2 years of my job at the local shop. For four relentless months, I battled to secure the flexibility I needed to accommodate my son's school hours. Each morning, my new manager would call, demanding my presence at 8 am, oblivious to my responsibilities as a single mother.

Day after day, I pleaded my case, explaining that I could only begin work at 10 am after seeing my son off to school as I did since I was hired to that job. Yet, my efforts fell on deaf ears. The manager persisted in scheduling me for early shifts, displaying a blatant disregard for the challenges faced by single mothers. Frustrated and disheartened by the lack of empathy, I made the courageous decision to leave the toxic environment behind.

Stepping away from the suffocating confines of that shop, I seized a new opportunity—a job offering double the pay and the freedom to work full-time hours whenever I wanted to. The transformation was liberating as I transitioned from a mere 8 hours a week to a fulfilling workload of 40 to 50 hours.

Amidst this professional growth, a glimmer of hope emerged in my personal life. The father of my child embarked on a journey of recovery, putting an end to our two-year-long battle in the courts. Yet, just as life seemed to be on an upward trajectory, illness struck, confining me to the confines of my home.....

a certificate from accchim for a certificate from accchim
a certificate from accchim for a certificate from accchim


Landed at the airport...

  • For about 3 years

  • National Safety and Security Academy (NSSA) Redline security training courses Doncaster - 3 days

  • Finished just after getting a Life Coach Diploma and before the pandemic started.

During my time at London Stansted Airport from May 2017 to August 2019, I was more than just a Hub Handler in the bustling airport warehouse—I was part of the great community and management where I found some Angels as well. Every parcel I handled carried stories and connections, making each task more than just a job.

As I meticulously sorted and packed letters and parcels, ensuring their swift dispatch, I felt a sense of pride in being entrusted with such important cargo. The responsibility weighed heavily on my shoulders, but it also fueled my determination to excel in every aspect of my role.

Operating X-ray equipment wasn't just a task; it was a solemn duty. Despite the challenges and long hours, my time at the airport was fulfilling, until fate dealt me a harsh blow. Unfortunately, a leg injury forced me to step away from the fast-paced environment I had grown accustomed to. For six agonizing months, I grappled with the frustration of being sidelined, unable to contribute in the way I knew best.

Yet, amid adversity, I found resilience. Determined not to let this setback define me, I turned my focus to self-improvement. Despite the pain and uncertainty, I seized the opportunity to enrol in three courses during my recovery. It was a small gesture, but it kept the flame of hope burning bright within me.

And as I look back on those emotional and challenging times and wonderful people, I'm reminded that strength isn't just measured by what we achieve, but by how and with who we rise from adversity, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

a sign board with a sign that says aviation
a sign board with a sign that says aviation
a certificate certificate for a professional development
a certificate certificate for a professional development
a certificate certificate for a certificate for a certificate
a certificate certificate for a certificate for a certificate

Who am I? Now? I Decided to become all-in-one = skills + knowledge

Life & Business Coach

  • Website and Graphic Designer

  • Personalised Clothes Maker

  • Freelance Interpreter

  • Mom, fiancé and health issues holder

  • Cleaner, Builder, Bartender, Barista, Hub handler, IT, Sales assistant - Before

  • Climbing, Playing on the Piano, Drums and Djembe when younger

  • Salsa, Cha-cha and Rock and Roll Music and dance lover

After attaining qualifications as a Life & Business Coach, fuelled by empathy and a genuine desire to assist others in achieving their aspirations—an endeavour that brings me profound joy—I took the bold step of establishing myself as a self-employed life coach under the name "LifeFreeFromWorries". However, venturing into entrepreneurship was a daunting prospect, as I lacked prior knowledge of company setup procedures.

Undeterred by the challenge, I embarked on a journey of continuous learning, actively participating in numerous trainings and courses to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship. Each session was a valuable opportunity to expand my knowledge and refine my approach, and I am immensely grateful for the wealth of knowledge I gained.

Moreover, my passion for learning has only intensified over time. I find immense satisfaction in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills, and I am deeply committed to sharing this knowledge with others. As I continue on this journey, I am thrilled by the rapid pace of my growth and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

a man is painting a roof with a paint job
a man is painting a roof with a paint job
a certificate certificate for a business
a certificate certificate for a business
a certificate certificate for a certificate for a certificate
a certificate certificate for a certificate for a certificate

Books, Courses, Trainings...

Still learning...

Indeed, the journey was far from easy. Despite investing over £4,000 in qualifications, tools, equipment, and essential business materials the road to establishing LifeFreeFromWorries as a stable company was fraught with challenges. I encountered setbacks, like the unfortunate incident with "GoDaddy" services where I lost £800 due to a disappearing website with a booking page—perhaps a click or an error, but the loss was never rectified. It was a stark reminder that some companies prioritize profits over customer care, and that experience left me disillusioned and frustrated. I decided never to be like them. NEVER!

Additionally, while some business coaches offered invaluable free advice, obtaining client reviews proved to be a struggle. Some took advantage of my services without offering feedback, compounding the stress of running LifeFreeFromWorries. Despite the obstacles, the skills I gained equipped me to navigate each hurdle with resilience and determination.

Amidst the turmoil, I decided to rebrand and relaunch my venture as FuuZzi Life & Business Consulting Services & Graphic Design. Leveraging my passion for graphics, I found solace in creative pursuits, offering logo designs and custom-printed merchandise to clients. This newfound outlet provided a sense of peace and tranquillity amidst the chaos.

So, don't hesitate to reach out—let me transform your ideas into captivating logos or design bespoke merchandise that truly stands out. Let's turn your vision into reality together and navigate life's challenges with creativity and resilience. My company is honest, cares about people, and has some life & business experience to share. So, don't worry! I have been there probably or, know people who are happy to give you that "Helping hand".

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a website page with a list of the best places to learn how to use the

So, now you know me a little bit better

a woman in a black jacket and glasses
a woman in a black jacket and glasses