I offer more than just advice - I bring partnership and practical solutions, and share my knowledge. Drawing from diverse experiences and professional training, as well as passion, I am like a Nanny for your business.

Imagine that I am the Nanny for your business, committed to nurturing your idea from its inception to success. I provide expertise and the care and support your company needs, and you to grow alongside it.

My Success Story began with... Lack of money.

Before I founded the Company in 2019, my success story began earlier. Starting from homelessness and being a single mother... when the idea was born in 2014, financial struggles that seemed endless, motherhood in 2011, and life in a foreign country alongside, let's say, with not the best choice partner, since 2010. Today I am where I wanted to be when I was planning and dreaming of success, when I was waiting for better days in the Women's Refuge, 2014 - 2016! Now, I teach how to cope with life's challenges so that you can manage FASTER than I did. Today, I stand as a Woman, Mother, and Fiancée achieving success and as a compassionate and understanding guide, helping others achieve their dreams.

I am Here to Guide You on the Path to Success!

I know that empty talk doesn't accomplish anything, and that's why I offer collaborative planning, advertising, graphic design projects for your logo, and many other practical and life solutions. Ready to turn dreams into reality? Let's embark on this journey together. I am your trusted guide on the path to success!

a woman with blue eyes and a black shirt
a woman with blue eyes and a black shirt

Let's bring your creative visions by using our Graphic Design skills or step into a new life and explore endless options of support and advice available in the UK. That can unlock the magic of life for you, your family, or your business! Comprehensive support and advice in the UK with a focus on addressing a variety of needs is available online.

  • Information on getting legal assistance in the UK.

  • Support and information on how to find employment, creating a resume and free courses.

  • Advice related to budget management, and ways to save money in the UK.

  • Information on institutions working with the NHS and private institutions.

  • Assistance in finding Information on free educational programs and training in your area.

  • Support in crises, including, among others, available facilities and support institutions in your area.

a man and two children sitting at a table
a man and two children sitting at a table
  • Logo design - 3d days, up to 3 revisions.

  • Company name, Slogan - Graffiti, etc.

  • Video Advertising, voiceover, subtitles, Intro....

  • Gifts, Advertising Materials - you will get a link to order.

  • Clothes with your Logo, Print and other designs - yes, with a link ready to order.


If you require a professional video advertisement that aligns with your vision I offer my skills to create a video that accurately represents your brand and message. Let's work together to ensure a successful and quality outcome

a teddy bear wearing sunglasses and a santa hat
a teddy bear wearing sunglasses and a santa hat