The initial 30-minute consultation comes at no cost.

What is it about?

Welcome to FuuZzi Website - Your Go-To Hub for Self-Employed Success!

FuuZzi is all about making self-employment a breeze. Whether you're looking for killer graphic design tips, savvy business advice, or need help juggling life's curveballs like childcare and school choices, FuuZzi has got you covered - 24/7. Sit back, relax, and let's make your journey as smooth and successful as possible. Ready to dive in?

a furryy monstery monstery with a bandana
a furryy monstery monstery with a bandana


Business support (and more) is available 24/7 online, as well as in-person meetings over coffee ☕ in Essex and surrounding areas in the UK 🇬🇧. The first 30 minutes of your meeting are free. You can enjoy a coffee and decide if this is the right support for you, with no obligation 😊.

Brand Colours

What They Represent?

Silver - Ideas, Representing my commitment to innovative thinking and forward-looking strategies.

Red - because I put my whole heart into it,

Black - because my sarcastic dark sense of humor is who I am ;)

a furry animal with a drink in a glass
a furry animal with a drink in a glass

What FuuZzi® means?

FuuZzi, is founded on skills gained from school, life, and experience. Since 2019, is been helping people achieve their goals and pursue their dreams 🌟.

Fuu - Inspired by the Japanese name, Fuu symbolizes a girl who is impossible to catch, living free like the wind 🌬️ and travelling wherever the breeze takes her. She is usually calm with light, agreeable manners but can become a raging tempest when pushed to her limits 🌪️.

Zzi - Also derived from Japanese, Zzi signifies the ability to unlock all possibilities and solutions to have a better life 🔑. Those named Zzi have the potential to become great thinkers and make significant contributions to their fields of interest 💡.

Together, Fuu and Zzi create FuuZzi, a completely open-minded company, that has the wisdom of possibilities for you!

a woman with a smile on her face
a woman with a smile on her face