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Video Production

FuuZzi offers customizable short video advertising solutions for all social media platforms. With FuuZzi Original, you just need to provide your branding elements or favorite colors, along with your logo, contact details, and any specific requirements. Whether you need a 10-second teaser or a 3-minute promotional video, FuuZzi has got you covered.

Services are convenient and accessible, as we can create the videos remotely using either your own footage or our extensive stock video library. Whether you need an introduction to your company or a simple yet effective ad, FuuZzi Original can tailor the video to your preferences.

Starting at just £30, offers affordable options for businesses of all sizes to enhance their online presence and engage their audience through compelling video content.

Short Video Ads

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Ralph Scott Finish

Video made for the company remotly

What you can order here?

Personalised clothes and gifts and here we have got FuuZzi Video Ad, when our shop has been seperated.

Personal Goals, everyday life, kids and home

Simply, there is an option to get solutions for every situation. Video is with the one of our lecturers available. Do you like it? Order yours.

Halloween at Kapwing ;)

FuuZzi can make a video for every occasion.

FuuZzi Shop Video

We do that kind of videos as well. There is no rule to stick to the one format.

Website has been changed - video has own music - yes we provide it. And Subtitles in Polish and English language