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4 Easy Ways to Start Your New Business

These are just a few ways to embark on your entrepreneurial journey as a busy parent in the UK. Each option offers its own advantages, so consider your circumstances, preferences, and availability. Let me know which approach resonates with you, and I'll be happy to provide further assistance along the way. Best of luck!


Kamila NIewitala

6/1/20242 min read

a man in a suit standing in front of a road signa man in a suit standing in front of a road sign

Are you a busy parent juggling the responsibilities of taking care of your four children and managing the household? Starting a business in the UK can be a fantastic opportunity to pursue your passions and generate income, but it requires a tailored approach. Let's explore four playful and professional ways to kickstart your new venture:

  1. NEA - New Enterprise Allowance: If you're currently receiving certain benefits, the NEA offers 52 weeks of support through group calls, 1-2-1 sessions, and guidance for developing your business plan. Not only will you receive invaluable advice, but you may also qualify for financial assistance of £1,200 and have the option to explore loan opportunities. Prepare your business idea, and name, and decide on the structure (limited company or sole trader) before joining.

  2. Hire a business advisor: Seeking guidance from a business advisor can be a smart move. Many advisors provide three free sessions where you can discuss your business idea, create a solid business plan, conduct market research, and more. Their expertise across various business topics will help you develop a robust strategy, receive professional support, and reduce stress.

  3. Business Networking: Engaging in business networking activities is an excellent way to expand your contacts and promote your product or service. Attend networking events, both in person and online, to connect with like-minded individuals, gain market insights, and give your business a strong start. Remember to have your business name and basic information ready to share with others. If you need assistance with business networking, feel free to reach out to me for tips and guidance.

  4. Quick and Easy: For busy parents with a passion or hobby, a short plan can be the way to go. Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube to showcase your hobby-based business idea, crafts, services, or any other offerings. You can create a presence without a professional website by utilizing platforms like Instagram or Etsy, and your posts can automatically appear on your Facebook page. This approach requires less time and attention. Remember, you don't have to register your business until you reach £1,000 in revenue, allowing you to test the waters and make adjustments without the pressure.

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