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If you are looking for an opportunity to start a home-based business chances are you have done a lot of research for this venture are high. Otherwise, you simply still feel lost among so many opportunities to start a home-based business and it's normal. Starting a home business or working remotely can be very profitable in many ways.


Kamila Niewitala

6/1/20243 min read

a man and two children sitting at a tablea man and two children sitting at a table

Many people think that they have thought of everything that goes into a home-based company, and only to find out that they have forgotten some very important aspects. Below are a few things that you may have forgotten or need to be reminded of that you will definitely need to take into consideration before you start.

1. Distractions and communication skills

Working from home is very different from working in an office. Many people forget that working from home involves a lot of distractions. This is probably something that some people who work from home during the last lockdown (2019) have already noticed. When you're running your business from home, you're going to have to contend with distractions like TV and radio, neighbours who goof off or, doing a party or arguing and if you have thin walls, of course, their TV and radio will distract you too. The postman knocking on your door and the neighbour want to drop in for coffee right now. The lost pizza delivery guy who got the address wrong, etc. You will also need to be able to deal with other family members who will be at home with you. Your children may not be able to see the difference between work time and playtime and you will need to remind them of this repeatedly, at least initially. This presents a lot of problems for home-based business owners, so FuuZzi company focuses on helping you manage your time and responsibilities at home to help you schedule work at home and improve communication skills so you know how to explain to your kids that you're at home, but you're actually at work.

2. Time management

Without that kind of supervision,
many people end up floundering.

If you are running a home business, you need to have a lot of self-discipline. That's why we can do prepare your rota during a time management and budgeting advice session. You will be your own, sole boss, which means there will be no one looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do. Without that kind of supervision, many people end up floundering. If you want to run a successful home business, you need to be able to stay on track day after day followed by your own rota and tasks prepared.

3. Budgeting

When you run a home business, you are responsible for all of your inventory, savings, and spending analysis for business purposes and personal needs. Many people forget to budget for this purpose. Remember, if your computer breaks down, it is your responsibility to fix it. Marketing will also require some investment. When you work for someone, you already know that you have an IT team to turn to for help. You'll also be responsible for buying your own supplies when you need them. That's why FuuZzi keeps you on track by analysing your home budget for savings and preparing your financial plan for your business needs.

4. Responsibilities of business, personal and family needs.

As a home business owner, you are in charge of every aspect of your business. This means that you will not only have to sell and keep your business growing but also you are the only one responsible for organizing time for all activities, rest, homework and time spent with family.

By having your own spreadsheet and daily schedule,
which Fuuzzi can help you to do prepare
you can greatly improve productivity and reduce stress.

5. Work from home with your own personalized rota.

One of the attractions of working from home is the vision of freedom it evokes - no time clock, no schedules, and no one to account for how you spend your time. Yes, it is an attractive proposition, but use it well, because, like many other attractive propositions, it has a big downside - you will probably waste a lot of time if you will avoid preparation of your own plan for a schedule for all the business tasks, house horses and personal goals.

The development of your home business may take longer than usual. But remember, there is never a perfect time in life - you just live the time you have. These are just some of the issues that should be addressed when they arise. You can discover several reasons for adopting the schedule which we can help you to do prepare.

FuuZzi company helps with all business start-up needs.

A few reasons why you may need a home schedule.

1. When you work from home it is too easy to waste time on non-priority tasks because there are so many little things to do.

2. Too easy to get lost or distracted from the current task.

3. Unplanned working hours can often overlap with your free time until you have no time at all.

4. Your free time may overlap with your work time until you are left behind with important projects.

5. More can be done by focusing your time and effort on the highest priority projects.

I'm not the only homeworker who has a schedule. If you are having difficulty setting a schedule and priorities for the day and week, maybe we can help you set a schedule.